Embodying the Spirit within...


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CREATE your own unique Session!
Sacred Sound Therapy, Energy Healing,
Massage Therapy, and/or Spiritual Guidance 
can be blended/incorporated into any session...

Therapeutic Massage

Using steady, firm, rhythmic pressure throughout the session your body will be relieved of unnecessary tension, pain and stress bringing your body, mind and spirit back into a wonderful state of peace and harmony. 

60 minutes: 70  / 75 minutes: 80 / 90 minutes: 95

Integrative Therapeutic Massage, Sound Therapy, and/or Energy Healing

Created to bring you peace and restore your inner balance, this beautiful combination of Massage, Energy Healing and/or Sound Therapy will relax the body, quiet the mind and harmonize your Spirit.  It incorporates the connection of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements...allowing you to come back into alignment with the Oneness of peace, joy, and love that You Are.

60 minutes: 70  / 75 minutes: 80 / 90 minutes: 95

Energy Healing Therapy/Sacred Sound Therapy

Energy Healing/Sacred Sound Therapy is working with the Universal Life Energy, Vibration, Sound which is the core of our existence and coursing through all of Life.  Energy Healing, Sound Therapy connects/aligns us with our True Essence, our Souls Essence, and allows anything that is not compatible with that to release/transform, bringing us back into alignment with our Souls Truth, joy, peace, wholeness and balance.

Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual concerns are all addressed with Energy Healing and/or Sacred Sound Therapy.

Sound Instruments that maybe used include: Gong, Crystal/Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes, Drums, Tuning Forks, Vocal Toning.

This Therapy is perfect for those whom are wishing to experience a fulfilling life of inner peace, love, and joy. Coming back home to who you are! 

60 minutes: 60

(Distance Sessions also Available)

Empowerment Coaching

Exploring your own intentions, dreams, and desires in life, Casey will share Universal wisdom, Truth, and techniques with you that will help you re-awaken to the True Essence of who You Are, which will then assist you in  expressing your Truth, fulfilling your dreams and purpose in this lifetime, opening-out a way for you to experience a deeper sense of freedom, peace, strength, and pleasure in your life as a whole.

60 minutes: 60

Energy Healing and Empowerment Coaching

With a wonderful combination of Energy Healing and Spiritual Guidance, you will leave feeling clear, connected, motivated and inspired to continue walking your life's journey with better peace, clarity, wholeness, wisdom, and strength. 

90 minutes: 75