Embodying the Spirit within...


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Meet Aurora

Hello, my name is Aurora Brian.  I Am a Ordained Minister, Shamanic Priestess, Sound/Energy Alchemist, Body Worker/Massage Therapist, a Creator, a Medicine Woman, a WayShower, Student of Planet Earth, Lover of Life and so much more...

Throughout my journey of life experiences here - my early childhood/adolescent years challenges - I was inspired to dig deeper inside myself to find the happiness, peace, and love that I longed to feel and hoped was possible.  The process that I've gone through (and will continue to go through, because LIFE IS a PROCESS ) of Self-Awareness, Transformation, and Remembrance of All that I AM, has been amazing, challenging, exciting, and has required lots of dedication and focus to create the changes I've wished to create in my reality, as I AM the Creator here...and You are the Creator of your life, too!  And, I am here to tell you and hopefully inspire you to know that all IS possible! Anything IS possible, and it all starts within YOU and being open to learning more about who You are.

During my exploration of Self, I was lead to obtain my Massage Therapy license in the year 2000, and have been practicing Bodywork ever since.  Every aspect of who we are (Mind, Emotions, Physical Body, Spiritual Body) are all equally important and connected - it's been a pleasure to help others nurture the physical body-temple, and as a result help them experience emotional, mental, and spiritual comfort.

I then went forward to obtain my Reiki I, II, & Master Certificates, became a BodyTalk practitioner, and a 13th Octave LaHoChi & Angel Light Healing practitioner - all of which helped to further my ability as an empath to read the body on a subtle level, and transform/transmute non-beneficial energy/imbalances that the body carries/experiences.

Sound & Music have always been a significant part of my life, using Music to soothe and inspire my Soul - I was led to incorporate this into the Therapy work I offer...and over a series of various teachings/studies/experiences, my husband and I acquired a 34" Gong, 7 Crystal Singing Bowls, 7 Tibetan Bowls, various Chimes & Drums, along with the ability to also create Transformational Frequencies through the use of my Voice.

The exploration of Sound within myself has been (r)evolutionary! Learning more about Vibration and Sound, and that it's literally EVERYTHING, has been life-changing.  We are so POWERFUL as Vibrational BE-ings & Creators of Reality, through Sound and Energy.  I welcome you to discover the Powers of Sound within You!  And I'm here to assist!

It is my pleasure to hold space for you to discover/feel/experience your True Self.

Education, Training, and Services offered include:

* 600-hour Medical Massage Therapy Program

   - Deep Tissue Massage

   - Swedish Massage

   - Prenatal Massage

* BodyTalk Fundamentals I & II

* Reiki levels I, II, and Master

* 13th Octave LaHoChi, and Angel Light Healing

   - Energy Healing

* Sacred Sound Therapy

    - Tuning Forks

    - Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls and Musical Healing Instruments

    - Vocal Toning Activation

* Aromatherapy training

* Ordianed Minister

* Self proclaimed Shamanic Priestess in the lineage of the Great Goddesses Isis and Inanna.