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Offering Sound Healing Therapy, Energy Healing, Massage Therapy, and Spiritual Guidance sessions:


Aurora Brian is Called to offer her unique attributes, in order to provide the local community, as well as people of the world, with 'inner' and 'outer' Healing Resources, inspiring seekers to come into alignment with their Highest Potential...allowing you to let-go of what is no longer needed or serving your True Nature, empowering you to bring-forth a clearer sense of Self-awareness, empowerment and purpose, and a deeper connection of peace, joy, freedom, and love for who You Are, as well as love for Life, as a whole.

When you feel at peace and at one with your self, you feel at Peace and at One with all of Creation...

"Temple of Light, in Kalamazoo, is just the place for people seeking a relaxing Therapeutic Massage, a more in-depth Energy Healing, a Counseling Session, or something in-between."

~ 'Natural Awakenings' magazine (West Michigan Edition)

"Transformative, transcending, enlightening, and blissful!!! If you are looking to enhance and further your spiritual path, the husband and wife team -Temple of Light- is YOUR path..."
~ Melissa M.
   Holistic Wellness Coach
"Aurora creates a comfortable, relaxed, healing atmosphere to help aid the unblocking and healing of deeper, hidden physical and energetic challenges...challenges caused by built-up stress and busy-ness of everyday life. They helped me notice what is not working in my physical and energetic Being, and ways I was unaware of my own health.  I leave every session renewed, re-energized, and inspired."
~ Suzanne Johnson
   Video Project Manager

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 Kalamazoo, Michigan


Monday - Saturday

 By Appointment