Embodying the Spirit within...


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Create your own unique Session!
 Spiritual Healing, and/or Sound Therapy,
and/or Spiritual Counseling 
can be incorporated into any session...

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is working with the Universal Life Energy, which is the core of our existence and coursing through all of Life.  Spiritual Healing connects us with our True Essence, our Soul's Essence, and allows anything that is not compatible with that to fall away...bringing us into a greater state of overall balance and wholeness.

Physical (including pain), mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns are all addressed with Spiritual Healing.

This Therapy is perfect for those whom are wishing to experience relaxation, and a fulfilling Life of inner peace, love, joy, and freedom.

 60 minutes: 60

Sound Therapy

In a Sound Therapy session, a combination of Sacred Healing Instruments will be used to facilitate healing, and enhance One's consciousness and state-of-being by harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit back to it's natural state of balance...Sound Body, Sound Mind, Sound Spirit. Instruments that may be used are: Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gong, Chimes, Drum, Bells, and Vocal Toning and/or Chanting.  

60 minutes: 60

Spiritual Counseling

Assisting you in exploring and effectively dealing with any type of 'issue' from the past-present-or future, Pastor will share wisdom and Truth to help you re-awaken to your own inner-truth/wisdom, which will guide you in accomplishing your goals and purpose in this Lifetime...opening-out a way for you to experience a deeper sense of peace, joy, and connected-ness in your life.

60 minutes: 60


Pastor will assist in bringing peace and understanding to any challenge or conflict, in a straight-forward, gentle and truthful way, that is for the Highest Good of all involved.

(Compensation based on Scenario)

Distance Healing/Intercessory Prayer

No distance is too far to experience the wonderfully restorative benefits of Spiritual Healing.  Distance Healing can be intermediated from across the room, across town, or even other parts of the country, or the world.  A Distance session can also be used to bridge time.  If you know that you are going to be involved in an important or stressful activity in the future, or if you've had a traumatic experience in the past, Distance Healing can be made manifest in these times, to heal and benefit the situation. 

60 minutes: 60

Liberty Mentoring...

Inter-weaving the ways of Spirit into every aspect of everyday Life:

Feeling a stir in your spirit, that something just isn't right, in and about the current corporate-commercial state 'grid-system' that's in place?

...Learn what is gravely lacking in Higher integrity, within this artificial construct.

Learn about the true Spiritual foundation of each and every man and woman, as well as planet Earth and the rest of the Creation.

Learn how you can re-claim this Truth, in-wardly and out-wardly, and live-out the practical nuts-n-bolts of it, in everyday Life!


HEAVEN-ON-EARTH  intensive study and practical realization process...
For those seeking Truth & Liberation, in all aspects of their lives, as well as in the world at which they live.

(Compensation based on Scenario)