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Client experiences, with HEALING WAYS...

Quotes Pastor Brian is intuitive and compassionate. During every Healing session he knows just what will bring about balance, physically and energetically. I always feel lighter...any tension I may be holding onto releases. Due to an injury, I have chronic shoulder and neck issues, which disappear for days on-end, after a Healing session with Pastor. I truly appreciate his kindness and genuine caring. Quotes
Diana Wilson
Yoga Instructor

Quotes The Massage Therapist was punctual, thorough, and professional. She made our event that much more special. All those who received a massage were grateful for the experience, especially me, the host. :-) Quotes
Miss B
Satisfied Mom

Quotes Casey and Pastor create a comfortable, relaxed, healing atmosphere to help aid the unblocking and healing of deeper hidden physical and energetic challenges...challenges caused by built-up stress and busy-ness of everyday life. They helped me notice what is not working in my physical and energetic Being, and ways I was unaware of my own health. I leave every session renewed, re-energized, and inspired. Quotes
Suzanne Johnson
Video Project Manager

Quotes When we met, many of Casey and Pastor's words rang very true to me, have stuck with me, and have helped relieve some of my anxiety...as is the same case with the Energy Healing (I received from them). In general, I'm not used to sitting still for very long (unless I'm working on a project), and I usually have motivation to go-go-go. This is a mechanism I realized I probably use/used to keep my mind occupied from feeling sad and stressed. I find myself a little more emotional, as well, since our session. I have known for years that I need to overcome my sadness, and feeling sadness is a part of the past that I need to accept. So, possibly the session helped release the "clog" which was holding me from releasing my sadness. I also think it helped me release some of my feelings of being overwhelmed all the time. I feel like the session benefited me in a way that is indescribable....it helped me feel a sense of calm I haven't felt in awhile. Thank You so much! Quotes
Katie Travilla

Quotes I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the most wonderful Massage last Thursday afternoon. It was great to meet you, and to benefit from your amazing skills. My day of rest and relaxation was just what I needed to restore and renew my Spirit. Thanks for helping to make this possible. Gratefully, Kathy Pohl Quotes
Kathy Pohl

Quotes Casey is very easy to talk with and made me feel at ease...she is very gifted, in fact. When I went into the session I was exhausted - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She placed her healing hands on parts of my body such as my head, shoulders, heart, feet, and arms. I was laying on the table with a blanket over my body for comfort, to relax, and as she did her healing I felt calm, refreshed, clear, and peaceful. When we were finished I felt awake and recharged, like I had taken a power nap. I hope many others get to experience her works, as she has given me all this wonderful inner peace and positive energy. Thank You. Quotes
Amanda Ripsam
CEO of www.mommiesquietplace.com blog

Quotes Had a most beneficial Energy Healing session today with practitioner Casey of Healing Ways. Highly recommend her. Quotes
Karen VandenBos
Health Coach

Quotes Last Saturday, I received a one-hour Massage with Casey. Even though this was my first time as a client, she had a great intuition on what I needed. I felt very relaxed and peaceful after the experience. Quotes
Dianne V.

Quotes Casey was professional and caring. She asked what I wanted to focus on in the session and we discussed what I wanted to get out of the Massage. I've had three one-hour deep tissue massages and am very pleased with the results. Quotes
Connie S.
Food and Beverage Manager

Quotes It's hard to describe how incredible I felt after a session with Healing Ways. I was feeling overwhelmed & chaotic, but after my session (which was long-distance) I felt so good! Relaxed and grounded...and the feeling lasted for weeks. Thank you so much! Looking forward to the next time. Quotes
Suzie Williams
Reed City DDA Executive Director